Medical Applications

Our range of Dental products is revolutionary, and when you use Osseograft and Osseomold, you can be sure that your dental applications will receive better care.

Dental Clinical Applications:

Osseograft and Osseomold

  • Tissue regeneration and remodeling in any osseous defect
  • Bone void/space filling


  • Guided bone tissue regeneration of bone damages and periodontal defects

Periodontal Plus AB

  • Repair of periodontal lesion


  • Dental Oral Surgery Biopsy Sites.
  • Single or Multiple Tooth Extraction especially Second & Third Molar.
  • Exodontia & Oral Surgery.
  • Alveoloplasty.
  • Gingival Haemorrhage.
  • Tooth Impaction
  • Placement of Endosseous Implants.
  • Useful in soft tissue procedures due to its shape, consistency and interference with osteogenesis.
  • Useful for wound protection and control of oozing or bleeding in the oral cavity.


  • Intra Oral Surgical Applications including post-operative mucosal defect in oral cancer and pre-cancerous lesions, dental/OMF applications

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